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Are You Ready To Write Your Will?

Writing a will is uncomfortable for many because the subject matter is unpleasant, but if you’re thinking about it, you’re probably ready. A choice is a simple way to ensure that your family understands your wishes after you pass. A skilled estate planning attorney can help you settle your will efficiently and accurately.

Attorney Neil Thompson, the founder of Law Office of Neil Thompson, has two decades of experience in estate planning service and over thirty years of experience as a business owner. He helps his clients and neighbors in Bloomington and Alexandria craft their wills efficiently and confidently.

What Is A Will?

A will is a legal document that describes your intentions for your assets. Typically, a will includes specific language about which of your heirs gets which assets. It also allows you to designate your assets for people the law wouldn’t ordinarily prioritize as part of the probate process.

A will allows you to control what happens with your assets and legacy. It is an act of care for your heirs who would otherwise struggle with “what you would want.” By crafting a will, you create a clear plan and take the worry from their shoulders.

What Is Included In A Will?

A will obviously includes a list of your personal property and your wishes. If you have specific hopes for your funeral arrangement, you place them in your will. Your will works with the other documents of your estate plan, such as your health care directive and power of attorney, and is there in case you need it.

It is a basic estate planning document that carries a lot of the responsibility in your estate plan.

Thoughtful Estate Planning Service From Law Office of Neil Thompson

Attorney Neil Thompson loves to answer his clients’ questions on their estate plans. He takes great pride in his understanding of the Minnesota estate planning process. He will happily help you craft the will you want for your heirs.

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